Friday, June 3, 2016

Cold and wet, but always beautiful!

Well, we've been back in Cervinara for five days now, and today is the first time I've had a minute to put together some thoughts. 

As usual, we have been busy getting the routine maintenance on the old house under control.  Unfortunately, there has been more than the routine to handle.  We arrived to find that the sitting room on the second floor had been the victim of a pretty severe roof leak.  A tornado (yes, an actual tornado!) hit the area in November and the strong winds knocked a dozen or so of our roof tiles out of position, making the roof vulnerable to leaks from the abundant winter rains.  The ceiling and walls of this room have turned black due to the mold and mildew and the furniture, linens, and wall hangings all have had to be either disposed of or washed down with bleach and very hot water.  Two days of hard labor and I think we have it all under control. 
Our good friend Vincenzo came as soon as we called and was up on the roof a couple of hours later, replacing broken tiles and even fixing our TV antenna.  This is one of the nice things about living up here in the hills; when there is a need, there is almost always someone willing and able to come to our rescue and help us out.  There is a sense that we're all in this together. 
As usual, things have changed as well.  Sadly, we lost two good friends over the winter.  Brothers, Pasquale and Mario C., almost two decades apart in age passed away within two months of each other.  They were quiet gentlemen, respected members of the community and just very kind fellows who will be sorely missed. 
Our little local bar has changed hands too.  I knew that the previous proprietor was leaving in October and I really worried that our neighborhood would lose its only meeting point.  I needn't have worried!  After a couple of months of renovation, a group of young men have taken over the bar, modernized it and made it into a fun place to hang out.  There is never a lack of young men here now, playing cards, foosball, watching the TV or just gathering for a drink and conversation.  And there is free WIFI! I am still the only female who frequents the bar, invading what is traditionally a bastion of Italian machismo, and I think the young fellows get a kick out of this grandma showing up with her SurfacePro to write her blog posts and check email.  I'm definitely not their usual type of client!  The guys have promised me an interview for a future blog post, and I'll make sure there are photos to accompany it. 
The weather has been off this year.  Mornings start out beautiful with sunny, blue skies.  By noon, the clouds have come in and by 3 pm we are usually being rained upon.  Fortunately it isn't violent rains, but the gray and wet afternoons are getting tiresome.  Plus, it's a good 20 degrees cooler than usual.  When we left Connecticut it was 92 and muggy.  We got here expecting temps in the 80s.  No such luck!  We have spent every evening huddled under blankets with the little plug in heater six inches away.  We sleep with the windows closed and I'm in my flannel nightgown and long sleeved undershirts.  We are both ready for some real June weather!
Now that we have done with most of the housework we are looking forward to regular excursions in the area and catching up with our local friends and family.  Another Cervinara summer awaits!  Ciao!

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  1. It's so enjoyable to read your posts. I enjoy the word pictures you create. Thank you and looking forward to enjoying your adventures.