Monday, June 27, 2016

The Boys in the Bar

We knew last year that there would be big changes in our neighborhood with the departure of our local barista Adriana.  She was giving up the bar in October and when we left we weren't sure what we would find upon our return.  Well, we needn't have worried.  Our local watering hole is back up and running and by all appearances is doing great! 

A group of young men have gotten together and have made this spot the place to be for youngsters and old folks alike.  They painted, cleaned and spruced things up, making for a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.  Even the bathroom, which I never dared enter, has been redone and is clean and pleasant.  There are new high top stools and tables, a flat screen TV that broadcasts sports from morning to night, a selection of newspapers and, of course, bottles and bottles of Peroni beer! 

For me, the best part is the free Wi-Fi.  How nice it is to come in and sit down at a comfortable table, buy a Coke Zero for 1E and then spend an hour or so catching up on all the news and putting some thoughts together for family and friends back home.  Later in the evening, the old guys gather for a game of cards, the local kids come in for bags of chips or ice creams, and the millennials visit with each other all while checking their iPhones. 

It's a different atmosphere from what it used to be.  There's definitely a younger vibe to this spot now, and that's all to the good.  Whenever I despair that Ioffredo  is aging and we're losing too many people, I realize that there's a whole new generation of young folks who are keeping the neighborhood vital and lively.  And for those who are coming to easy.  There's a friendly spot where you can get a drink and check on the Red Sox, all in one place. 

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