Friday, August 28, 2015

Small Blessings

I haven't gone into the backyard at all this year. When we first got here, Gianluca sent his crew to come whack the weeds and trim the palm trees so the kids could make use of the space. But I was still in my knee brace and on crutches and I never dared venture out to where the wild things were. As I progressed in my rehab work, the weeds progressed as well and now it is back to vines and roots growing rampantly, posing a real threat of tripping the none too stable wobbler that I am. 
But this afternoon I threw caution to the wind. 
We had a spell of lovely cool weather where a stroll down to the church was manageable but now we are back to days well into the 90s. We have been comfortable inside during the hot times of the day but that means not getting much sunshine at all. I was just complaining to Mike that I felt like a troglodyte living in a cave. It's quiet and peaceful, just maybe a bit too much so. 
I looked longingly out the back door and then I noticed it....ripe figs on our tree! I  put on a pair of boots and headed out to do some harvesting. 
Treading very cautiously I took my first tentative steps. Head down, I studied every footfall.  I got to the tree and saw a dozen or so figs ready to be picked. This requires pulling down branches so that they bend down enough to reach the fruit and testing each purple orb to check for ripeness. 
I was well into this job when I finally looked up from my labors. There in front of me was the craggy granite facade of Mount Pizzone. In its shadow was the tower of our castello. The sky was a brilliant blue, the cicadas were singing, and a warm breeze wafted through the leaves. Our yard always reminds me of the film "Jean de Florette" which takes place in the south of France but which is very similar in feel to our little spot here in Cervinara. At that moment I stopped to say a little prayer of thanks for all that we have here. The beautiful heat, the buzzing flies, the scampering geckos, and our views of some marvels of man and nature....all give me a sense of gratitude for the blessings we have been given. 
And, the menu for tonight? Figs and prosciutto!

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