Thursday, July 16, 2015

Non Solo Rock

We knew it was coming. All month we have seen signs around town that this annual music festival was in the works. Last week our neighbor dropped off an invitation to some of the affiliated programs. And last week, mowing and clearing of the vacant lot down the street was begun. 
But now, the evidence is clear. We awoke this morning to the unmistakable sound of construction...metal tubes and reinforcements being put together, hammering of joints and many voices giving instructions to the workers. Even the portapotty is in place. All that is left is for the electricians to complete the installation of miles of cable and we will be ready. For what???
For "Non Solo Rock", a musical weekend that guarantees big crowds and lots of activity in our quiet neighborhood. It also guarantees sleepless nights and cranky mornings for those of us in Ioffredo. 
Don't get me wrong. In theory I am all in favor of anything that can help our neighborhood survive. After the devastating flood of 1999, the heart of Ioffredo was lost. So many homes destroyed and lives lost. Up the hill in Castello, there has been a renaissance with the opening of a great pastry shop, a chocolate and ice cream maker, and even an artisanal beer maker. That little neighborhood is hopping!
Down the hill, the Ferrari section keeps going, unchanged. Anchored by the lovely Piazza Elena and the Palazzo Marchesale, Ferrari thrives. 
It is in the middle, between these two neighborhoods, where Ioffredo is struggling. An aging population and a lack of a common gathering area are making our home almost into a ghost town. So the thought of hundreds of people pouring into Ioffredo fills me with pride. 
However, tomorrow night when the music starts around 10 and keeps going until 2 am Saturday morning, with the same schedule for Saturday into Sunday, well let's just say that I won't be all that happy. I'm not a night owl and I really need my sleep. That obviously won't happen this weekend!  
The stage is basically in our backyard. The amps will blast their music our way and sleep will escape us. We will toss and turn and curse this whole festival. And then when it's over, and people are talking about how many young people discovered our lovely town and our perfect little neighborhood, I will forget our sleepless nights and will celebrate the organizers who every year work so hard to pull this great event together. It is their dedication to Ioffredo that pushes them to undertake this huge project. I thank them and promise to try to endure these "notti bianche" with good humor. Let the music begin!!

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