Sunday, May 8, 2011


We have been back in Cervinara for a few days now, and though we have been on the go it has been so good to see all our friends and neighbors here in the neighborhood. Some changes have taken place, but for the most part all is just as we left it.
Our first stop was to the bar across the street for breakfast. How nice it was to sit in our usual chairs, read the paper and catch up with all the local news. Adrianna the barista, was able to bring me a supply of the local eggs, so we are looking forward to a bright yellow frittata for supper tonight. Our friend and handy man Pasquale came for a visit. He had been away, ill with bronchitis and we are glad to have him back. Bertuccio, our neighbor who is a little bundle of energy has come by with advice for our ailing lemon tree and with a suggestion for someone to work on our still leaking roof. There's always something to do here!
Our first visit to the baker down the street came with an invitation to climb up his extremely steep stairs to enjoy the view from his hilltop gazebo. We haven't done that yet because we have been so busy going off on excursions that there has been no time for valley-gazing. Theresa, the sister of Don Giorgio came by for a quick visit to welcome us back and we are looking forward to touching base with the rest of the neighbors shortly. I haven't seen Carlo my fruit vendor yet and have only had a quick wave to the wife of the hardware store owner. She was thrilled to see me, knowing that her best customers were back in town!
I haven't been to church yet, because of our busy schedule with day excursions, but look forward to getting back into my old routine. They have repaved the church piazza with small paving stones and a beautiful white inlaid design. It looks so much nicer than the rough concrete that was there after the floods. They are supposed to be working on expanding the piazza across the's hoping!
Before too long our old friends and neighbors Bianchina and Lello and Maria Rosa and Pietro will be here to join us in our old courtyard for nightly chats and a bit of gossip. While time in Cervinara doesn't stop, it does slow down a bit, allowing us to really appreciate this little corner of heaven.

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