Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back in the saddle again!

Well folks, here we are again. We are in Italy, beginning chapter 3 of retirement abroad. After a long and incredibly cold and snowy winter, we headed to JFK on April 21 ready to hop the pond and get back to life in Europe.
It was sad leaving friends and family but we know that more friends and family await us in Cervinara. I am already missing my girls, their fellas, and their dogs.....but Skype and email help to keep us in touch. Marta and Dan will be joining us for a few days in May before they begin their own odyssey through Italy. Maria and Josh are in the throes of moving to Washington D.C. because Maria is starting her new job at the Smithsonian. We were hoping they might be able to join us for a bit, but I guess it's not a good idea to ask for time off from a job you haven't started yet!
The last couple of weeks were a whirlwind of preparation, visiting friends and saying our good-byes. We had our wonderful friends from France staying with us as well. It was such fun having Gael, Fabienne, Solenn and Elea use our house as home base as they visited all the sites that New England has to offer. It was a pretty chaotic few days but so much fun.
We are traveling right now, rather than going directly to Cervinara....enjoying Spring weather and fewer crowds. Our best buds, Brian and Vikki and their son Kris are with us as we visit some of the lovely spots in northern Italy. I hope that some of you will find my musings interesting or that they might inspire you to indulge in more travels too. While the angst and pain that come with airports and economy class conditions aren't fun, they are the necessary evils we must endure to see the world. Totally worth it!

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