Monday, June 21, 2010

Il Mondiale

Everyone knows that the World Cup is being played now in South Africa. This has been the topic of discussion since we arrived over a month ago and now that the tournament has actually begun, it is the focal point of every discussion. One game a day is shown on the regular RAI stations. If you want to see all the games, you must have the premium package. We don't have that, so we are limited to watching constant replays of good or bad plays and listening to sports casters and color commentators expound on the relative merits of any given team. The discussions never end!e
Our street has been festooned with many green, white and red flags. Our little bar is crowded every day with men wanting to watch a game in the company of friends.
We have tended to stay home for our games, preferring to be more comfortable on our sofas rather than crowded around rickety tables. Even if we didn't have the TV on during a game in which Italy is playing, we would know the score. When the opposing team scores a goal, we can here the groans and moans of disbelief all the way into our house. And when they score, the whole neighborhood erupts in screams of joy, horns honking, vuvuzelas blasting and fireworks going off. If they ever decide to win a game, I can't imagine the noise that will emanate from our little hill town!

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